Our Process
Seamless steps to elevate your experience
Step 1

Request a Consultation

We understand that every wedding is individual and unique. This is why we customize each wedding individually and so pricing is also estimated per wedding. After we receive your request, we will send you an email to gather some more information and to schedule our initial complimentary consultation.

Step 2

First Consultation

During this first consultation, you can expect for us to review the details you sent to us and to go over them in more detail. We will go over what you would like to see and what is on your must have list. Whether you are in the beginning stages or know exactly what you want, this consulation will help us to hone in on the services that will be most beneficial to you and what floral pieces will best suit your needs. We will then schedule a second consulation and I will use what I have learned to put together a custom proposal and budget.

Step 3

Proposal and Second Consultation

During the second consulation we will review the custom proposal and budget. We will determine what will be best for you and your wedding day or event. We will also determine what services will best suit your needs. If you love the feel of what we have put together for you, then I know you will love your wedding. I will hold your date for up to one week after our consultation and then after that I will open it up again. In order to hold your date, then the
deposit will need to be made and our contract will need to be signed.

Step 4

Design and Finalize

Congratulations, you’ve booked with us! Now we refine any needs from the second consulation and nail down the design. We will finalize any details or changes with you and then prepare to put your wedding dreams into action.

Step 5

Our Turn, Let us take care of it for you!

We will plan, coordinate and execute our design plans for your wedding day. Don’t worry, we’ve got this! This is your time to enjoy your engagement.

Step 6

Delivery, Set-up and Installation (if required)

On your wedding day, we will have scheduled with other vendors for delivery, set-up and installation. This is your day to show up and enjoy your momentus occasion with your family and friends. You will remember this day for the rest of your life!

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